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--Kimm T. Los Angeles, CA                                                                


I went to get a touch up and every time I go it just keeps getting better and better I love this place BEST HAIR EXTNSIONS IN LA!!!!

--Tiffany T. West LA


Styles by flo has become Taylor Rose Hair Studio. She is moving up in the world. This salon is the best  extension salon in LA. Its an attractive well lite salon,wonderful staff,refreshments,and even a delicious cafe on the corner that delivers to you up stairs while u are recieving your grade A beauty service

--Martha W. Los Angeles, CA
First of all, let me just say that Flo is above them all!

I come in probably every 10 weeks to touch up my relaxer (too long, I know!), trim if necessary and then just a straight style. She's always able to fit me in within 2 days of calling, and sometimes even that same day! And another huge plus for me is that she never overbooks clients. If your appointment is at 3, you'll be started at 3 and finished within a timely manner. This is not always the case for black salons and I appreciate it more than words can say! My hair appointment can be just that, an appointment, and not an entire day's journey.

Her salon has a professional yet comfortable feel to it, which is great. I can sit and read a magazine, have some coffee or dig into her snack box (which is usually what happens!) while she's doing my hair. Every now and then her neighbors will pop in just to chat and it's a good feeling... they're like a little family there and it's nice to know that you're walking into a good space. It definitely shows.

And every time I come, there's something new... she's always making additions to better herself, her salon or the overall experience and it shows! It's great to see her flourishing in her own venture and I can't see myself going any place else.

Thank you, always!

--Keegan H. Lakewood, CA
Flo is the best ! My Brazilian blow out turned out fantastic. Flo can do everything. It is hard to find hairstylist that can do black hair, but also can do weaves and braids.

Tiffany W. Panorama City, CA
I hadn't been to a stylist in over 12 years, as i don't trust anyone with my hair. However after discovering Flo, i can now say that i trust someone (her) with my hair, as I have been burned and hair chopped off (not at my request); but Flo knows exactly what she is doing. I had never gotten so many compliments on my hair before. I loved it and anyone who wants their hair done, even the simple styles(as i am a simple girl- wash/straighten/style) she did IT and more! amazing! :)

Rashida w. San Bernardino, CA
Went to Flo earlier this year for a color and cut. Must say I was very pleased and will be a returning customer as well as refer her to family and friends.........

Gina S. Los Angeles, CA
 Love love love Flo!  I was referred to Flo by another stylist for extensions.  Just wanted to add some thickness to my hair, especially the ends.  I was a little nervous because I've never had extensions before, but as soon as I walked into her studio, I was immediately put at ease.  She's just a lovely person all around and a real pro.  My hair looks AMAZING!   I am one thousand percent satisfied with the results and would recommend her to anyone wanting extensions!

 Angel c.Los Angeles, CA
I have been going to Flo since April and I have to say, I have NEVER had a hair stylist who is as talented, professional, and caring.

When I first met Flo - she met my transitional hair (growing out perm...Hello au naturale!) I just took out my braids and was ready for a change - something soft and sweet! I was so tired of going to salons where I have to hear everyone's business and the hairdresser did not give diddly-squat about me as a customer. In the old days, I use to walk in with dry hair and leave with dry hair. Not Ok. But Flo...she took my ugly duckling mess of hair and styled it Swan-like. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! She gave me a beautiful trim (did not EVER get scissor happy) and made me feel confident with long, luxurious, silky, black hair. It was AMAZING. People came from right and left, begging me to tell them who did my hair.

Even though fairy tales are, well fairy tales, I have found the fairy godmother for hair and she works on Sunset & Vine. FLO makes my hair FLOW, and she can make yours too! :)

Oh, and she has the best taste in music...and advice in beauty. Thanks again Flo! See you next week!! :D  

Five hearts are greater than 5 stars!

Jaxie R. Los Angeles, CA
Out on a whim to find something new and closer to me, I stumbled across this... ok fine, no I didn't.

I actually couldn't find it at first, had to circle the block twice to find the one-way. It's not like it was hidden behind anything, I was just looking for it in the wrong place! Go figure.... the sign  that says Lion Salon is High so look up...

I called in about a half hour before arriving to see if they would take walk-ins.  I have the pleasure of meeting and being styled by Flo.  In the end, I came out of there with a smile on my face and a Longer Luxurious head FULL  of  Beautiful Hair. Seriously, I have a grip of hair lol ;) . I was happy and she's close to my house! Thank you Flo from Bakersfield. You are awesome!

 Deja C.
I went to the salon for the first Time ever and Got a Press and Flat Iron. Flo did my hair so good. She washed and Conditioned it then Pressed and Flat ironed it. My hair is so bouncy and shiny. I also got some Hair Shimmers. The "Pastel showers" color is my fav. There are so many to chose from it's hard to make a decision, and they have feathers too omg. I am going to tell my mom to bring my two sisters to have there hair straightened. To all you Yelpers searching for a Great Stylist Go see Styles by Flo, you will be so glad you did. Everyone in Hollywood should know about this girl

Stacy d. Los Angeles, CA

This place is really awesome! Moving to LA I was really worried about finding a new hairdresser! Flo' is really THE place to go if you wanna leave happy and delighted by the results ! I will recommend this salon to everyone. I have been long for so many years and Flo gave me a fresh new look... Thanx Doll Styles by Flo is Amazing!!

Kweli C. Sherman Oaks, CA

I love Flo she is so passionate about the artistry of Hair.
Her creativity is awesome!!! Very punctual, sweet and very funny..
Thanks flo for my extetions,color and beautiful funky style :)
Jesica I. Hollywood, CA
ok.. so what can I say ...Flo is beyond amazing! not only does she have the skills to create all types of styles and looks but she is sweet and friendly and will work with you ...I needed a style for a special event I had to attend ... stressed as I was about my crazy looking locks ...she transformed me with patience and ease! THANK YOU FLO !!!!!!!!!!!

Temore B.  Los Angeles, CA
6/22/2011 I,
Temore Bristel, went down to the Lion Salon. I was suppose to have another lady do my hair, but she never called me back. So I decided to show up, but she wasn't there. So I looked around for somebody to do my hair and I end up meeting Flow. I asked if she could do my hair, she said yes. After my hair got done, everybody loved it. People kept saying you change your hair and kept making comments. My hair looks so beautiful until this day and it's even it's shining. Flow did an amazing, wonderful and excellent job! So I will be back to see Flow when my hair needs to get done. She keeps asking me for the number.  She's so good that even my mom wants her hair done by Flow. She keeps asking me for the number. Hahhahahhaha. So if you live in L.A. on Hollywood and Vine, go down to the Lion Salon which is inside of Bed, Bath, Beyond plaza and ask for Flo.

Dawn H. Sherman Oaks, CA
Very impressed with your work Flo.. my hair looks GREAT I told u what I wanted and you went above and beyond the color is perfect!! Finally found someone I trust with my hair.. Thank you sweetie..

Lia C. Fresno, CA
Flo did an amazing cut and style on my hair!! I brought her a magazine picture and she cut it precisely! Thanks Flo :)

Mary P. Beverlyhills, CA
Wow, what can I say, if you want your hair to look like you just stepped out of a magazine book, go check her out, she will take care of your hair,  She will have you smiling every time you walk out of her shop and have you feeling good about your self, so you just have to try her for your self and you will see, the girl is bad!!  signing off for now MaryMary

Jessica L. McFarland, CA
I found Flo through a recommendation on tipper which referred me to her yelp. So I thought I'd try her out.. BEST DECISION EVER!! I got my hair cut And colored And I am beyond impressed. Felt the need to share...Def. Will be back thank you again Flo

Tamena W. Bakersfield, CA
I have went to tons of Beauty shop, or should I say monster shops in town and out. I came across Styles by Flo looking at her work I had to call. Distance wasn't a concern. I drove to Hollywood one Saturday with my hair looking like hurricane.  She sat me down and draped me. She washed my hair in some type of shampoo that made my scalp feel like WOW. Then blew me out, but craziest thing was when she started my weave. I get these all the time and never do my circle braids be close. I always asked other stylist and they never do I didn't even have to ask Flo. Then started the glam process. She did her thing putting me back together. I'm going to call her the glamor police, because what she didn't know was when I can an sat in her chair that Saturday morning I was feeling down but when she was finish baby I was 100 times better. Thank you and I will be back.!!

Adam O. Los Angeles, CA

7/20/2011                                                                                                                                         I went to Flo today for my weekly cut and once again she amazed me. If your looking for an amazing stylist in the Holly wood Area Check out Flo in the Lion Salon.  

Mercede G. Los Angeles, CA

7/19/2011                                                                                                                                             Flo is great hair stylist and offers the best prices.  I come to her especially for my full weave closures.  She makes the closure look so natural.  Flo is the best!!! 

Amy B. West Hollywood, CA                                                                                                 7/14/2011                                                                                                                                        Flo is the Only person I will let Cut my Hair. I have very long curly  UNRULY, hair and she is the only one who can take the beast. she in very reasonable only $85 for a complete wash, condition, trim and fabulous Style. She keeps me looking my best. i work around a lot of celebs so I have to look the part and Flo always keeps me one step ahead. 

Davia S. Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                     7/12/2011                                                                                                                                        

Me and my friend went to Get Our Hair Extensions put in for the First time and OMG! We look great. Flo did an excellent job. If yuo want the most natrual extentions you can buy Stop and Check out Flo! 

Sarah o. Van Nuys, CA

7/12/2011                                                                                                                                            I called to day to see if I could get an appointment with Flo and lucky me she was available. A couple of my friends came hre to get extentions and I loved their so much I thought I would try them out. Flo said that she would be able to take me later int he day so I was so excited. She did my hair amazing. So quick and percises. I loved the fact that she had every color of hair and thread and was able to match it to my hair exactly. Flo is the BEST extension specialist around, hands down, the BEST! I love my hair. she turned me from geek the chic!  0 friends 1 review

Addie C. Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                       7/7/2011                                                                                                                                      What a treat. I would say  I came here just to get a hair cut but thats just not the truth. I go here not only the amazing cut she gives me, but for the one on one time and positive energy that runs through the Place. If you are looking for a great stylist with great convosation Check her out! The place is a little exclusive you have to look up to see the sign but once you find it you'll be in for a real experience. ps. tell her to play Adelle.  0 friends 2 reviews

Julia B. Bakersfield, CA                                                                                                         7/6/2011                                                                                                                                             I went to Flo today as a walkin and I walked into the Best kept secrect in Hollywood. Flo provides a calming and enchanting envioment. She totally transformed my hair.  I thought she did such a good job I scheduled an appointment  for my mother and sister, my treat. Love you Flo. Girl you have a special Gift. Thanx for everything. 

Jennifer J. Washington, DC                                                                                                    7/5/2011                                                                                                                                              I came home to Bakersfield and had the crazy idea to comb my locs out of my hair. After a year of locking my hair, it was healthy and thick but in bad need of a trim and some loving care. I immediately thought of Flo, made the call and three days later was making the 2 hour drive to see her.

In a short period of time, my hair was pressed, trimmed and beautifully curled. Completely different than anything I've ever had done but it fit me so well. It is so difficult to find hair stylists in California that can work with natural hair and work it so well but Flo is definitely one of them. I am in love and will make the drive whenever I'm in Cali. 

Cambria j. Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                        7/4/2011                                                                                                                                              I love my Color and Cut. Flo help give me that spark I so desperately needed. 

Tanya g. Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                    6/29/2011                                                                                                                                       Flo can do some braids! She is fast and affordable too. When I was pregnant I just wanted some get up and do nothin hair and she hooked me up! She was so sweet and even told me she would come to my home if I needed her to since I was so close to delivery. So she did and twisted up my hair. My next experience was on a whim oneday I felt like some cute long cornrows so I sent her a text to see if she could take me and she did! Now that's service. I had a similar experience when my Mom wanted to just "cut it all off" so I called Flo and she took her the same day and Mom was very pleased.

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